9 September 2018
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9 September 2018,

Can a Private Investigation assist in proving evidence of Cohabitation

Proof of Cohabitation is normally one of the most common pieces of evidence that is required in matrimonial disputes or landlord disputes.

Matrimonial Disputes

If your partner leaves home and is Cohabitating with someone this can greatly affect divorce proceedings, including Child support obligations, final settlement and the length of time to complete the divorce proceedings.

The main goal of any investigation is to obtain evidence that your partner is staying the night with someone at the same residence continually.

For us to gain this evidence we would need to carryout our investigation over a number of days, and in some cases weeks. Within this time we would need to carryout observation throughout a 36-48hr period detailing all movements in and out of the property including the movement of vehicles.

Why does so much time need to be spent investigating Cohabitation?

The court will want to see evidence gathered from several visits, once or twice is not enough. Also the longer time left in between the cohabitation surveillance the better, this way the judge is more likely to accept that your ex partner is cohabiting. This sometimes is referred to as “Lights on Lights off”.


Our Cohabitation investigation would be carried in a non-intrusive manner that would keep us within the law using modern day and night surveillance equipment.

We can gather photos of your spouse’s vehicle at the property and monitor their movement in and out of the property. All evidence will be consolidated into a final report for your legal team to use during the divorce proceedings. Our Investigators can also testify in court for you too, further backing up your case.

Local Authorities and Private Landlord Disputes

Local Authorities and Private Landlords also often use cohabitation investigations. This can be to establish fraudulent benefit claims or the breaking of contract rules, such as concerned landlords and letting agents suspecting that a tenant of theirs is living with a third party who is not on the tenancy agreement or the property being illegal subletted.


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