Surveillance is the key to success



Our Private Investigators use the latest surveillance equipment


When would you want someone to do surveillance?  Do you have a unfaithful partner – Private Investigator Glasgow

Investigating employee’s absences, providing clear date and stamped evidence.

Surveillance is an art, it is a skill that is acquired over many years after thorough and continuous training.  The aim of any surveillance is to acquire evidence in a lawful manner – so that is it admissible in court, and as quickly as possible – to reduce the cost but more importantly avoid suspicion because this may cause the subject to change their behaviour.

Our Surveillance service plays a major part in our investigating of corruption, theft, fraud or extra-marital affair.  We can be used to verify a partners behaviour or whether an employee is acting dishonestly or in breech of contract.  Our investigators physically follow an individual from their location on foot or by vehicle and thereafter obtain video and still photographs without them being aware.  A detailed log of the events will be produced by our investigator.  This information may give you peace of mind or allow you to take further actions if required.


Alternatively we can use the latest equipment including Satellite or GPS tracker systems to enable us to track individuals or equipment without the need to physically follow them.

Our dedicated surveillance vehicles are fitted with covert radio communications and video equipment. We are able to deploy our surveillance teams on foot with covert cameras and covert radio equipment.

Available types of surveillance

Static Observations

On a fixed point, home address or business premises etc, generally using covert observation vans. To obtain research, lifestyle, intelligence and monitor all activity in and out of the premises.

Foot and Mobile:

The actual following of a subject or subjects by means of foot operatives and vehicles.


Undercover Operatives:

Placement of undercover operatives within the workplace.

Technical Surveillance:

By using vehicle tracking and other specialist equipment, to monitor movements and activity.

Counter Surveillance:

Techniques to ascertain if a client is being followed, or premises observed by a third party and/ or hostile surveillance.


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