Private Detective Glasgow through to Edinburgh

SIKA SIA does not claim to be a multi-national company with staff around the world available 24/7 we do, however, offer a bespoke service to local and regional businesses and individuals, where the top priorities are to get satisfactory results whilst maintaining extremely high levels of quality, discretion and professionalism.

SIKA SIA is based near Stirling and formed by a retired military soldier with over 25 years experience in communications, protection, surveillance and management.  By putting these extensive skills to use in the private sector I have managed to make SIKA SIA what it is today.  I  have Private Investigators in Glasgow and Edinburgh with local knowledge.

My Company follows the same ethics as the Military.  We have:

  • Selfless commitment
  • Discipline
  • Integrity
  • Loyalty 
  • Respect for others 


Being able to trust the company working for you is essential in today’s climate. You need to be sure that your objectives will be achieved as quickly, easily and cost effectively as possible, while sticking within the letter of the law.  Our Private Detectives will not let you down.

Your Privacy

You want to know that anyone you work with will respect your information, and keep it safe, secure and not accessible.  At SIKA SIA we always ensure all client information is kept safe and private.  Our Private Detectives will ensure that your information is handled correctly at all time .

Affordable rates and excellent 1-2-1 customer services

  • We offer highly competitive rates without cutting back on customer service
  • All clients receive a personal and dedicated Case Manager throughout their case
  • Contact your case manager by phone or email – you decide

Legal Policy

  • With SIKA SIA, you are guaranteed that your case is handled within the bounds of the law at all times
  • You are guarded against inadvertent disclosure of private information – you have protection and total security
  • SIKA SIA is governed by the Data Protection Act 1998
  • All our employees (including contractors) are vetted and adhere to company policies

Please remember that our Private Investigators are in you local area covering Glasgow through to Edinburgh.   We offer a professional service that is completely confidential, cost effective and discrete.

Our initial consultation with our local Private Detective will be free, we will quote the figures before we start.