Why would you want to use a vehicle tracking device ?

  • Misuse of a company vehicles
  • Extra-marital Affairs
  • Escorting high risk items



We use the latest Satellite and GPS technology alongside the traditional methods of tracking vehicles.   We can track private or commercial  vehicles 7 days a week, 24hrs per day throughout the UK.   Our tracking  systems are a cost effective method of gathering intelligence.


Our service can be tailored  to your requirements and a full detailed report that highlights the vehicles location, speeds and movement throughout any given period


The equipment can detail all vehicle activity when operational, start location, speed, routes, stops, timer, duration of stops and goes into sleep mode ready to reactivate the next day. This information is placed into report form. We can also monitor “live” the vehicle movements if required.

Our Deployment Operating Procedures are conducted by specialist operatives to ensure best practice.

Our system can be used by your business to ensure that you company vehicles are where you think they are and that they are not being miss used.  The GPS can also be used for Asset tracking: Companies needing to track valuable assets for insurance or other monitoring purposes can now plot the real-time asset location on a map and closely monitor movement and operating status  The information can be used to record when the vehicle is not moving or if the employee is drifting from the recommended routes.


Use GPS tracking to:

  • Gain peace of mind
  • Prevent unauthorised use
  • Save money

We will ensure that our vehicle tracking device is not comprised when it is fitted to any vehicle.  The devices are small and have long battery life.



To find out more about vehicle tracking with GPS call SIKA SIA now.  We are have Private Investigators in Glasgow, Stirling and Edinburgh who are fully qualified.  We provide a professional trustworthy service, we are regulated and will act in accordance with the law at all times.  Call us now for a confidential and free consultation.