22 March 2017
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22 March 2017,

What can our Glasgow Private Investigator do for you?


Divorce and family split up

If you suspect your spouse is cheating or hiding important information or assets from you, you may want to hire a Private Investigator in Glasgow. There are ways to tell if your partner is hiding assets, and a local Glasgow Private Investigator can access information you don’t know about, or follow a spouse who has become secretive to see if he or she is cheating. Before you hire someone, remember that a local Glasgow Private Investigator can help your legal team uncover evidence, if and when needed, and we can present the evidence at court

Romance scam risk

Recently our Glasgow Private Investigator has assisted in a number of these cases and there seems to be an increase in this type of scam with the online dating becoming a booming industry, but with it has come exponential cases of fraud and scams. Creating and posting profiles and photos is simple and fast, and anyone can do it and criminals are using these methods more and more these days. Victims of romance scams lose more than money. Victims are often devastated financially and emotionally. The truth is, anyone can be a victim and no dating site is 100% immune from romance scams. Private investigators verify the truth behind the profile and a local Glasgow Private investigator can retrieve the ground truth on an individual and give you that piece of mind.

Child custody cases

You’re probably looking for tips on how to win custody of your child. To win a child custody case, you must uncover facts that are compelling – and admissible — in court. You probably have lots of detailed facts and details that can help your case, however you need the raw evidence that will stand up in court. Our Glasgow Private investigator can serve as a witness in a case and provide the facts that are tough to prove on your own. We can act as independent witness during your case and we can provide your legal team with the evidence that they require to win your case.

Locating People

Our Glasgow Private investigators are asked to locate people for a variety of reasons: Adoptees, birth parents, relatives, former friends, lovers, spouses, co-workers and employers can benefit from reuniting with a person from their past. Our local Glasgow Private Investigators access databases, interview acquaintances and piece together clues to track down people with whom you’ve lost contact. They can use this information to uncover a new name, address, telephone number and the individuals work status.


If you’re requesting surveillance you’re usually certain that your partner is being deceitful, but you need proof in hand to confront your partner or to support your claims in court in filing for divorce or child custody. Our local Glasgow Private Investigators will gather the evidence that will either confirm or eliminate your suspicions.

Day and Night Surveillance



We find it is faster and less costly to our clients if we assign a two-person team to the case. With only one investigator, losing someone in traffic may add hours or days to the process. Every case is different and will require different resources, however we will endeavour to keep our costs as low as possible for our clients.

60 Other Things a Private Investigator Can Do for you:

    1. Find a current address
    2. Find historical addresses
    3. Find a date of birth
    4. Identify known aliases
    5. Locate birth records
    6. Locate death records
    7. Locate marriage records
    8. Locate divorce filings
    9. Dig through someone’s trash
    10. Locate a beneficiary for a probate proceeding
    11. Research current and / or historical property holdings
    12. Identify mortgage information
    13. Identify secured lenders
    14. Identify related party property transactions
    15. Determine current market value of real property
    16. Uncover improper relationships
    17. Provide independent analysis
    18. Provide peace of mind
    19. Locate home phone numbers
    20. Locate cell phone numbers
    21. Identify owner of home
    22. Determine owners of corporation
    23. Locate current or former executives
    24. Research family history
    25. Connect the dots
    26. Locate witnesses for a civil or criminal matters
    27. Interview witnesses for a civil or criminal lawsuit
    28. Find assets
    29. Search for hidden assets
    30. Discreet intelligence gathering
    31. Determine connections between parties
    32. Locate current or former employees of a company
    33. Interview current or former employees of a company
    34. Show you the bigger picture
    35. Identify professional licenses
    36. Determine prior disciplinary records for professional licenses
    37. Interview industry sources
    38. Gather competitive intelligence
    39. Identify related party business transactions
    40. Retrieve and analyze non-profit financial filings
    41. Knock on doors
    42. Determine current market value of motor vehicles
    43. Analyze documents for potential fraud
    44. Identify Risks
    45. Identifying corporate relationships
    46. Give you a competitive advantage
    47. Identify Uniform Commercial Code filings
    48. Foreign corporation research
    49. Help you manage sensitive situations
    50. Find facts
    51. Locate online resume
    52. Identify online networking profiles
    53. Locate historical video or news footage
    54. Conduct historical newspaper research
    55. Conduct mobile or stationary surveillance
    56. Find undisclosed ties
    57. Locate a missing person
    58. Identify and confirm education history
    59. Identify and confirm previous employment history
    60. Research presence on social networks or message boards


And lastly we can give you the peace of mind that will allow you to get on with your life.


If you require a Private Investigator in Glasgow or anywhere in the Central Scotland area then our Private Detectives are on call 24/7.

Sika SIA initial consultation is free and our team of Private Detectives will give you a peace of mind. Contact us by phone or by email and we will ensure that strict confidentiality is maintained throughout.

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