4 October 2013
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4 October 2013,

It is estimated that there where approximately  300,000 people went missing in the UK last year.


Around 39,000 of these people were from Scotland. When a person is classed as being ‘missing’ by the police depends on the situation. Whether the person is a child, elderly or a vulnerable person is all taken into account.  The first thing police have to establish is the level of risk to the person who is missing. As people rarely go missing without a reason, police forces are advised to consider “missing” as an indicator of a problem in someone’s life, rather than an event in itself.

Classification of risk

High risk Medium risk Low risk
Source: Guidance of the Management, Recording and Investigation of Missing Persons, ACPO NPIA 2010

The risk posed is immediate and there are substantial grounds for believing that the subject is in danger through their own vulnerability; or may have been the victim of a serious crime; or the risk posed is immediate and there are substantial grounds for believing that the public is in danger.

The risk posed is likely to place the subject in danger or they are a threat to themselves or others. There is no apparent threat of danger to either the subject or the public. Children and young people under 18 years of age should not be included in this classification.

No matter what the situation the family that is left behind will feel lots of emotions from guilt to fear.  There are lot of organisation out there to help the familly during this traumatic time including the including the UK Missing Person Bureau.   SIKA SIA can help in many ways to trace a person.  The person doesn’t need to be missing they might just be a bad debtor or a lost friend from the past.


Person tracing

Trace a missing person

There are many reasons why you might want to trace a person.

So that you can:

  • Remarry
  • Reunite a family
  • Revive old memories
  • Trace a debtor

Each person trace is handled proficiently and efficiently by one of our highly trained, and experienced in-house tracing team who will keep you regularly informed of progress. All enquiries are dealt with in a highly confidential manner.