1 November 2013
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1 November 2013,

Tools of the Trade


Better leave the surveillance to the professionals………… Sika SIA Private Investigator Glasgow through to Edinburgh.  

Images of the Private Investigator lurking in dark alleys, rummaging through garbage and conducting his business from a smoke-filled office are starkly different from reality.

The 1940s gumshoe was the iconic detective, a whisky-swilling Sam Spade, armed with a sharp wit, a nose for danger and a gun when occasion demanded.

Modern-day Private Investigator’s are more likely to use a range of spy gadgets, the latest digital photography and advanced tracking devices, rather than rely on a conspicuous trench coat and an upturned collar.


The Camcorder

The most important tool that our Private Investigator has is a good quality digital camcorder with night vision, which can be used to record footage directly or take photographs.

The preferred digital video camcorder used by our Private Investigators is the Sony DCR-PC120E, which fits snugly in the palm of his hand. It is equipped with a 10x Optical Zoom / 120x Precision Digital Zoom.  The camera is also capable of producing high quality photographs and it has an excellent night shot facility that performs well in low-light conditions.  All footage is time and date stamped and can be easily transfer onto the clients preferred media.
Discreet use of cameras and gadgets is particularly important when shadowing subjects for an investigation. Surveillance jobs can sometimes require private investigators to work in pairs, with one investigator following the subject while their partner sits in a van decked out with a variety of modern technological devices.

The Computer

The Internet has transformed the way Private Investigators gather information. Instead of rummaging around dusty old file boxes, a Private Investigator can log into a database and learn about a person’s prior arrests, place of employment, credit history and private phone numbers. You don’t even need a database to log into your quarries’ social networking sites to see what they’ve been up to lately.  Whether you are working for a company doing background checks or following a suspected cheater, there are many tricks and tools available online.

Sika SIA Private Investigators endeavour to keep up with the most modern technologies, however these pieces of equipment will never replace inquisitive mind of a seasoned Private Investigator.

If you require a Private Investigator in Glasgow or anywhere in the Central Scotland then our Investigators are on call 24/7.  Sika SIA initial consultancy is free and our team will give you peace of mind.  Contact us by phone or by email and we will ensure that strict confidentiality is maintained throughout.