30 October 2013
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30 October 2013,

The Top Signs of a Cheating Partner



As a private detective in Glasgow and Edinburgh and specialising in the field of infedility, one of the most frequent questions people ask me is “What are the top 10 signs of a cheating partner?”  For curious minds, I’ve listed them below.


•    constantly working late & possibly new friends at work

•    increased concern about wardrobe or personal appearance, getting in shape

•    descretive with technology

•    suspicious phone calls – hang ups, wrong numbers, clearing call & messages register

•    lots of lies, excuses & becomes overly defensive

•    deflects simple questions

•    starts complaining, arguing or picking fights over trivial things

•    drastic change in sexual appetite and style

•    doesn’t criticize you anymore

•    unusual or unexplained charges on credit card bills


These are the top 10 signs of a cheating partner.  But knowing them won’t help you catch a cheating mate. Seeing these signs is no guarantee that your partner is cheating.   Not seeing them is no guarantee that you have a faithful mate.


Look for the subtle signs


The obvious signs of infidelity – the top 10 signs — are the signs the cautious cheater, or the experienced cheater will usually cover up.   So instead, be alert for the subtle signs.  These are the signs the cheater doesn’t even realize he’s displaying, so there’s no way he can cover them up.  Learn how to spot the subtle signs and you’ll catch the cheater every time.  


Signs of infidelity seldom appear in isolation.  Where there’s one sign, there are plenty of corroborating signs. Most of them are staring you right in the face, just waiting to be found. It doesn’t require a lot of time, effort, or skill.  Knowing what to look for is the key.


How You Can Really Tell


You can’t make an accurate assessment of whether or not your partner is cheating on the basis of 10 signs of infidelity.  You run the risk of making a false accusation. If your partner really is cheating there will be more than just a sprinkling of telltale signs.


You’ll find clusters of signs from several of the 10 signs all at once.  The majority of them will be subtle signs. That’s why I stress that knowing what to look for is the key.  Once you know what to look for, all you need are your own eyes and ears and your personal knowledge of your mate.


The more signs you find, the greater the likelihood that your partner is cheating, or planning to do so very soon.  


Is it likely that my partner is cheating

cheating partner

Some studies have found that 20/25% of men and 10/15% of women cheat on their partners.

Save Your Relationship – Know the Signs


Don’t depend on the presence or absence of the top 10 signs of infidelity to tell you whether or not your partner is cheating or on the verge of having an extramarital affair.  Familiarize yourself with the early warning signs.  


Learn to spot not just the top 10 signs of infidelity, but the many subtle signs of a cheating mate.  The future of your marriage or relationship may one day depend on your ability to recognize the telltale signs of infidelity in time.


If you are in the unfortunate position of suspecting your partner is cheating on you then please contact us for some helpful advice and to perhaps set up an interview about your problem.


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