21 November 2013
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21 November 2013,


A Rogue Employee Can Destroy Your Business in Edinburgh or Glasgow


Since the beginning of the economic downturn the recorded cases of rogue employee activity in Edinburgh and Glasgow has increased dramatically.


Do you operate a business in Edinburgh or Glasgow and you are suspicious about the behaviour of an employee?  Then you may find some of the advice in this article helpful in identifying and preventing this destructive behaviour.  


There are some definite behavioural characteristics that you can look for that can identify a potential rogue employee who may be planning internal security breaches or contemplating destructive damage to your business.


Sika SIA Private Investigators specialise in rogue employee surveillance in Edinburgh and Glasgow, giving advice from their long experience investigating these types of corporate crimes.


Our Private Investigators noted that many rogue employees were formally highly valued workers who usually had a high level of trust and often inspired confidence in their loyalty to the company, but almost always some kind of trigger tipped them over into becoming a security threat or damaging influence within the business.


The trigger usually accompanies two other indicators that together will turn a formerly good employee in to a rogue employee.


An Underlying Character Weakness.


Quite often the employee will have an unusual character weakness and often this character weakness has become apparent to fellow workers, but the employee is always very careful not to expose this weakness to management.


This weakness can lead to difficult working relationships with other employees, anti-social behaviour, unpredictable emotional ups and downs and secretive behaviour.


Another weakness can be an over inflated sense of importance the employee feels he has to the company. That he is of much more value than other workers and is integral to the operation of the business.


Often when this mis-conception is corrected by management and the employee is put in his place, this can be enough to act as the trigger which tips him over the edge and his motives become destructive rather than productive to the company.


Lack of Intervention From Management


Without intervention from management other tell tale character flaws can become apparent such as, little adherence to the company rules, violent behaviour or threatened violent behaviour, evidence of drug or alcohol abuse, sudden changes in apparent behaviour, a deterioration in appearance and work productivity and many other character changes that raise red flags to fellow workers.


If co-workers were educated in reporting these unusual characteristics to management before the employee went rogue, or if management were trained to recognise these indicators as possible signs of this occurring, then many of these cases could be prevented before the damage is done.


If you suspect an employee of your Edinburgh or Glasgow business may be exhibiting these tendencies then you can contact our Private Investigators who specialises in rogue employee investigation for some advice and a meeting. 


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