16 December 2013
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16 December 2013,

How a Private Investigator Can Help Locate a Missing Person

A missing persons case is a scary situation for family and friends of the person that is missing. Usually, the family feels helpless because they don’t know what they can do to find their loved one, and the police have limited time to dedicate to the case. One of the best ways to locate a missing person is by working with a private investigator who has the experience to track down the person you are looking for.

Types of Missing Persons Investigations

There may be different reasons why a missing persons investigation is needed, including situations such as when a family member has strategically distanced themselves from the family, looking for a deadbeat dad, trying to find birth parents, or if a child has run away. A private investigator can also help with kidnapping cases or any other situation where you are trying to find someone.

If you are searching for a person in the Glasgow and Edinburgh area or any other area in Scotland, SIKA Security and Investigations Agency would like to help you with the search. We have private investigators in Glasgow and Edinburgh who can help you locate the person. Our private investigator experience can help you to efficiently locate someone, using tools such as investigating personal relationships, looking through phone records, searching for clues via social media websites, and navigating through public records.

Experience is Critical

In a missing persons case, it is important that you take action as soon as possible, because it becomes more difficult to find a person after time has passed. A private investigator in Glasgow and Edinburgh can help with recent cases and old cases, and they have the experience to investigate details that might have otherwise been overlooked. Additionally, a private investigator has access to tools that you don’t have, including things such as information databases and other technology that can assist with the investigation.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to conduct the investigation on your own, because there are specific techniques and skills that a private investigator uses to locate someone. Most people who try to search on their own end up in a frustrating, dead-end situation. The fastest and most efficient way to locate someone is by hiring a private investigator.

Information to Provide the Private Investigator

After hiring a private investigator in the Edinburgh and Glasgow areas, the first thing they will ask for is the information that you have about the person that you are searching for. It is critical that you provide as much information as possible to aid the investigation. Remember that withholding information may possibly slow the investigation down, so you should provide as much as you know. Don’t be fearful about providing sensitive information, because a good private investigators understands the importance of keeping the information private.

Helpful information that you can provide may include things such as age, recent pictures, national insurance number, phone number, name, date of birth, physical description, known addresses, known work locations, etc.

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Depending on the situation, it is possible to find someone within a few days. So, if you want to quickly find someone that you are looking for, then contact us today and learn about how a private investigator can help you find the person in a timely fashion.