29 November 2014
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29 November 2014,

Government Introduces new Internet Security Bill


The Government this week introduced further security measures designed to assist the security and intelligence agencies detection of individuals or groups which may represent a threat to national security.

This follows a number of steps being taken by the government and highlighted the use of social media to make threats by one of the individuals who murdered British soldier Lee Rigby.

This will present a huge technical undertaking to establish a robust, accurate approach to ensure the security and intelligence services gain timely information which they can process into actionable intelligence.


So what does this mean for the general public and users of the internet?

In short, there will be no change to the way you access and use the internet, it is a wealth of information and activity without such would likely cease to function.

However, it is recommended that you take a number of basic steps to ensure both the security of your system and your online profile.

You should rest easy that current modems and routers have inbuilt security and without advanced software and equipment are difficult to interrupt or hack by an individual with limited technical expertise.

However it is often the user who remains the single point of failure when it comes to a lapse in internet security.


Protect your information in a few basic steps:

This can be done by downloading basic anti-virus software or purchasing a reputable package. Further to this the protection of your usernames and passwords is of paramount importance.

Whilst remaining logged into several applications, websites either on your laptop, tablet or smartphone is convenient consider the implications of losing any of your devices and allowing anyone uninterrupted access to your bank account and email. The ramifications are unimaginable.

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