14 November 2013
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14 November 2013,

Dramatic Increase in Insurance Fraud Investigation Edinburgh wide.  Sika SIA has Insurance Fraud Investigators throughout Central Scotland


Over the last 5 years insurance fraud investigations, Edinburgh wide, has increased dramatically as more and more desperate people resort to increasingly desperate measures in order to stay afloat in this stagnant economy.

According to the Insurance Fraud Bureau, an insurance claims fraud watchdog group set up by the major insurance companies in the UK, detected general insurance claims made fraudulently this year exceeded 2.1 billion pounds.

Insurance fraud investigation services in Edinburgh are expertly trained teams that specialise in these types of fraudulent insurance claims against Insurance Companies in Edinburgh through to Glasgow.

Fraudulent home and contents claims is on the increase as claimants attempt to defraud the system by claiming more than they are entitled to after a domestic fire or a robbery.

Staged car accidents not only in Edinburgh but throughout the United Kingdom have become prominent lately in the media as people so desperate for money will actually orchestrate a car accident, risking life and limb in order to file a fraudulent motor insurance claim.


A car accident staged

A professional insurance fraud investigator in Edinburgh will first go through the insurance claim in detail. They are trained to identify any inconsistency and red flags that should arise.

If any doubts are cast on the legitimacy of the insurance claim then a private investigation company who specialises in insurance fraud in Edinburgh will be hired to covertly begin surveillance on the suspected party.

The surveillance team will use unmarked vans and cars during insurance fraud investigation enabling them to covertly keep tabs on the fraudulent party.

The private investigators will use different surveillance techniques to catch out the cheats, this will entail a combination of mobile phone surveillance, covert electronic surveillance and also on the ground surveillance, if there is something to be found out they are fully equipped to expose it.

Cameras and digital video is extensively used in insurance fraud investigations in Edinburgh, this enables the team to keep track of the movements of the suspected party, and as they are time and date stamped, provide valuable visual evidence should the investigation ever be taken further by the insurance company.

If you are in the position of suspecting a fraudulent insurance claim then please contact us for some helpful advice about insurance fraud investigations in Edinburgh and perhaps set up an interview about your problem.


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Sika SIA initial consultancy is free & our Private Investigators have lots of local experience and we can give you peace of mind and answer all those unanswered questions.  Hiring a Private Investigator won’t cost the earth and we will work to your budget.

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