8 November 2013
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8 November 2013,

Confused about Hiring a Private Investigator Or Detective


What is the difference between an Investigator and a Detective?

The terms “Private Investigator” and “Private Detective” are often used interchangeably. In fact, there is absolutely no difference between a private investigator and a private detective.  However in America it is dependent upon the state in which you are licensed, you may be either a private detective or a private investigator. In the state of Nebraska, the individual receives a license as a private detective. In the state of Texas, the applicant applies for license as a private investigator… semantics.

What is the difference between using a local Private Investigator and a national firm?

There are Pro’s and Con’s for using both local and national private investigators. If you are going to be conducting investigations throughout the country it may be useful to have one point of contact at a national firm verse trying to find investigators covering each area, and making sure all of the investigations are on track. But if your specific need is centralised around one particular area such as Glasgow or Edinburgh there may be advantages of using a local private investigator. Local private investigators typically offer a faster response time and can apply special attention to your case.  Many feel that being able to speak directly to the investigator that will be in the field can provide valuable insight into the case and help streamline the reporting process.  Local Private Investigators normally work out cheaper for the client as they will know the area and they will have local contacts.

Recent survey’s conducted have determined that local Private Investigators on average have more than three times the years of experience over the investigators working for the national companies.

Our Glasgow and Edinburgh Private Investigators know these areas as they have been investigating these cities and throughout Scotland for many years.

What makes a Good Private Investigator?

As it stands, private investigators in the UK are not required to be licensed or trained, however, a good Private Investigator will be trained.  All Investigators that work on SIKA SIA cases are trained to high standard.  The Investigator needs to be dedicated and determined to complete your case.  SIKA SIA will ensure that your case is dealt without delay and you can contact us 24/7.

Contacting us

Sika SIA initial consultancy is free & our Private Investigators have lots of local experience and we can give you peace of mind and answer all those unanswered questions.  Hiring a Private Investigator won’t cost the earth and we will work to your budget.

Hiring a Private Investigator Contact us by phone or by email and we will ensure that strict confidentiality is maintained throughout.