3 November 2013
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3 November 2013,

Fly tipping in Glasgow and Edinburgh a Growing Problem


What is fly tipping? The fly tipping definition according to the UK government is ‘the illegal dumping or depositing of waste rubbish on land or any highway that does not have a license to accept it.’

The latest Government statistics for fly tipping show a decline in illegal rubbish dumping around the UK by 4% for 2012/2013.

This follows a reported steady decline of reported incidents since 2007 when the reports of fly-tipping were almost double what they are today.

Industrial Fly Tipping on the Increase

The most alarming statistic showed a dramatic increase in industrial fly tipping which is large scale dumping of construction and industrial refuse around the UK.

London in particular holds the unsavoury reputation for the fly tipping capital of the UK. Fly tipping in Glasgow and Edinburgh is not far behind, both cities reporting annual increases in illegal dumping for the last 10 years.  

One of the characteristics of the increase in industrial fly tipping in Glasgow and Edinburgh is repeated incidents of dumping in the same location both on private land and council property, it seems local government is failing to keep ahead of the fly tipping plague in large cities like London, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Fly tipping is a serious national problem of which the Environment Agency receives 50,000 reports annually. It is estimated that this costs the local authorities over £37.4 million each year. Without any sufficient evidence as to the perpetrator’s identity, there is not a lot that the legal system can do to protect you or your business from this happening.


Hiring a Private Detective for Repeat Fly Tipping

Many incidents involving repeated fly tipping on public property in large cities have resulted in few prosecutions, and public opinion about local government action in tackling the problem is becoming very negative.

Frustration over getting results from local councils and local government has lead to many victims of fly tipping in large cities like Edinburgh, Glasgow and London hiring private detectives to catch the culprits and prosecute.  

This has resulted in a dramatic increase in successful prosecutions against illegal fly tippers and usually a massive decrease in repeat offending. According to local government in Glasgow and Edinburgh it is the repeat offenders who account for more than 80% of illegal tipping in these cities.

Fly tipping is a crime, the Police, Environment Agency and local authorities can prosecute fly tippers under the Environmental Protection Act 1990



What can we do

We can deploy hidden cameras in particularly difficult, ‘hostile’ locations, which will allow us to gather date/time stamped evidence for identification.

If required, we can also insert human monitoring, whereby a specialist operative will covertly monitor the suspected area with the help of a recording device.  This method allows for a wider area to be viewed and be as equally successful in capturing the perpetrators and can again offer sufficient evidence in a court situation.

There are many other services that a private investigator can include with the surveillance methods above that could assist in a fly tipping case, such as background checks into suspected individuals and GPS tracking. These services can be shaped to fit each individual case, as they will all be different in some way or another, and are all complementary in obtaining the results needed. No-one should have to undergo the stress of fly-tipping alone, and seeking help with an experienced expert may be the best way to move forward. Our Private investigators are highly trained experts who have access to highly evolved technology that can aid in these situations. With their help you could get the results you need.

If you are suffering with fly tippers leaving rubbish on your land and would like us to investigate and gather the evidence to present to the authorities and put a stop to it, please contact us now on