2 February 2014
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2 February 2014,

Employee Background Checks: An Essential Step in Hiring a New Employee


Hiring a new employee is a big step, especially for a small business. If you are hiring an employee, then it is important to do a employee background check in order to be sure that the person is being honest about their background and experience. Many employers pay for basic do-it-yourself background checks in order to get information about a person’s criminal history, but those options don’t shine a light on who the person truly is. Even if you run a small background check and find that a person doesn’t have a criminal record, there are other indicators that can be uncovered by a personal investigator which might make you think twice about hiring that potential employee.

Online Research Can Impact Hiring Decisions


Many employers have admitted to the fact that they have changed their mind about hiring someone after they completed a background check. Sometimes they found social media status updates which caused concern about the person’s character or dedication to their job, or they might uncover information that shows that the potential employee lied on their application or resume, these lies could even cost your company thousands of pounds in fines.

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A private investigator knows how to do solid online research, in order to uncover information that might not be easily found by an untrained person. Social media pictures, status updates, and shares can offer great insight into the personality and attitude of an employee. A thorough background check should be a standard practice for every company that is looking to hire the highest quality employees.

Some companies might not think that a thorough background check is an essential part of the hiring process, but they later regret their lack of initiative when they find themselves in the position of working with a less-than-optimal employee. The process to fire, re-hire, and re-train someone for a position in your company is time consuming and expensive, and the extra work can be avoided by doing the research to make sure that you are hiring the right person in the first place. You are probably busy with other work tasks that need to be completed, so the easiest and most effective way to get this information is by hiring a private investigator who can work quickly to get the information that you are looking for.

How To Conduct the Background Check


In many areas, employers are required to first gain consent from the potential employee in order to complete the background check. Once you have gained the consent, then you simply pass the person’s information onto a qualified private investigator, and they will complete the research for you. A thorough private investigator will look at things such as criminal records, consumer reporting information, social media checks, online searches for additional information, and contact past employers and references in order to gain more insight about the potential employee.

If you are looking for a private investigator in Glasgow or Edinburgh, call us today and we can assist with the background checks of the people that you are ready to hire. We understand that employee background checks need to be completed quickly in order to avoid slowing down the hiring process, and we will complete the investigation in a timely manner.