12 April 2014
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12 April 2014,

Computer Forensics Services


How a Private Investigator Can Help With Computer Forensics

Our modern age is a digital world, which means that evidence and information can often be accessed by looking at the digital footprint that was left. When you hire an experienced private investigator in Glasgow or Edinburgh and the surrounding areas, they will be able to research the digital information applicable to the case and present you with evidence that can be uncovered. In fact, there are many instances where civil litigation is based on digital evidence, which is why it is critical to hire a private investigator who can uncover the information for you. There are several ways that a Glasgow private investigator can help you:

Evaluating a Computer or a Storage Device

 If you have access to a computer or storage device that you suspect was used by the person that is being investigated, then a private investigator in Edinburgh or Glasgow can evaluate the computer to locate traces of information or files that have been hidden. For example, if you are researching information about your spouse or another family member living in your home and you have access to their laptop, then you can provide that computer to the private investigator.

This forensic approach can be very powerful, because it is possible to recover things such as emails that weren’t “saved” but they were viewed on the computer, a list of websites that the person visited, documents that have been deleted, software that has been uninstalled, or other types of digital information that might be helpful. Because so many personal and business interactions occur online, this information can provide insight into the activities and communication that has been occurring.

Digital Records vs. Paper Records

One of the advantages to evaluating digital information is the fact that those records provide information that can’t be accessed by looking at a document printed on paper. One example is the fact that you can view the person who created the document, different versions of the document can be retrieved, the history of the usage of the document, as well as the ways the document was transmitted. All of this information can provide insight into the investigation, and your Edinburgh private investigator will help you to understand how the evidence is applicable.

Private Investigators Know What to Look For

An average computer consultant, or anyone with common IT knowledge, doesn’t have the investigative experience to know what they should be searching for on the computer. Sometimes, they will complete their research on the computer and report that there is no information to recover. But, the truth is that they aren’t looking in the right places, which is why you should hire a private investigator in Edinburgh or Glasgow to help with the investigative processes. They have the experience and understanding to know where to locate details about files that have been deleted, or locations where information might be hidden on the computer.

A private investigator in Glasgow and Edinburgh will look at different sources of information to uncover evidence, including: computer hard drives, cell phones, email servers, external hard drives, back-up storage systems, digital cameras, tablets, databases, internet sites, web servers, and answering machines.

If you want to uncover all of the information relating to your investigation, then you should talk with a private investigator in Glasgow and the surrounding areas to assist with the computer forensics. They will help you to find evidence that can be applicable to the investigation that you are completing.