8 January 2016
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8 January 2016,

Protecting your business into 2016 by carrying out background checks on your potential employees

Background checks and surveillance work come in a variety of different forms and methods. You can get cheap but somewhat pointless background checks ran by credit companies up to high end professional, private investigators in Glasgow and the surrounding area.

There are background checks for every budget, but as we always say you cannot put a price on safety and re-assurance; so spending a little extra to ensure you are in a safe position is always money well spent. Any type of private investigation or surveillance work should be able to answer the same basic yet important questions.
Is there any serious circumstances or problems that have occurred in the person’s past?

Nobody expects an encounter with an axe murderer, they are only things you hear about on the news, right? Well the person you ask to be investigated may have committed a serious crime in the past or currently be wanted. Drug dealing, theft, indecent exposure or violence are all things you can find out about a person’s past with the help of a private investigator. Lie detector tests are a little extreme and obvious when doing research on somebody- thankfully the professionals can find out much more whilst being less intrusive.
A lot of people who have committed crimes are often repeat offenders. Identifying criminal records is not an easy task for the every-day person. Detective work takes commitment and skill that many people do not have the time to delve into with all of their other responsibilities.

How can I ensure that my staff are not stealing from me?

Retail crime is a huge problem in the UK and staff are often the most caught culprits as they know how the system works, how to ‘bend’ the rules and hope that they don’t get caught. According to the British Chambers of Commerce, the annual cost of retail theft is as high as £12.6 billion. No business should have to be a part of this statistic.
Theft can also take place in any other type of business, it doesn’t have to be retail. Banking, haulage, delivery services and catering are often victims of employee theft and stealing. Fraud is rife within the UK and it could be happening to your business.

If you suspect any of your staff of stealing from you, you should take small steps to clarify this before you hire a private investigator. These steps will help you gather evidence to make sure you are not just jumping to conclusions.
Follow these steps

* Keep a closer eye on your employees, spend more time supervising them.
* Place marked caash or items in or around your workplace that you suspect may go missing.
* If you work in a large company, move teams around often so people cannot settle into their role or build up a sense of trust with work mates.
* You must be discreet and fair if you wish to catch people in the act, failure could resort in complaints/ lawsuits against you or your business.
* Don’t announce that the investigation is taking place to anybody, you need everybody to work as normal, otherwise you could alert the culprit and give them time to cover up their tracks.
* Do not confront anybody as this could lead to unwanted altercations. This can also jeopardize your position when trying to prosecute somebody.

When all of these bullet points have been followed, a detective can help you confirm the situation with covert operations. Success rates of private investigators are very high, and if nothing is found to be at fault- you have a guarantee of a much sounder sleep at night.

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