8 October 2013
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8 October 2013,

The Private Investigator & the use of a Vehicle GPS Tracker

The use of a GPS Tracker has become more and more common by Private Investigators. The primary advantage of using GPS vehicle tracking is that it is a cheaper alternative to long-term surveillance or can be used alongside standard surveillance.

Why Use GPS Vehicle Tracking?

By using Vehicle GPS Tracker, the client is supplied with a comprehensive and accurate report of the subject’s movements over a given period of time.

By using GPS Trackers SIKA SIA has the ability to locate and see a vehicles location from the comfort of your PC or mobile phone – we can pin pointing their location as accurately to within 3 meters. The tracker will not just monitor the location of the vehicle, it also monitor the speed of travel, length of stops and street names travelled along.

A Typical Situation For A Client Using GPS Vehicle Tracking

– You suspect your partner is having an affair and that they are seeing someone when they claim to be at the gymnasium


SIKA SIA will covertly fit the tracker to your vehicle.


– The unit will be set to alert us when the vehicle leaves a defined area such as the work car park.


– We then monitor the unit and produce daily reports of the vehicles movements – allowing us to identify your partner’s exact movements and so determine if they have lied about their whereabouts.


– You may at this stage decide to confront your partner about their movements or, alternatively, contract with us to obtain further evidence through a surveillance operation.


– Our Private Investigators can obtain photographic and/or video footage to accompany your findings from the vehicle tracking you would then be in an ideal situation to take the next step that is best for you, whatever that may be.


SIKA SIA have Private Investigators in Glasgow through to Edinburgh waiting to assist you.  We use modern technology to deal with your problems.


At SIKA SIA we will find the most suitable and cost effective solutions for our you. We are here to help and to give you piece of mind.