26 October 2013
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26 October 2013,

Residential Security Team (RST)

Experts On Hand 24 Hours A Day Whenever You Need

Residential Security is a vital component in protecting a client’s overall interests, whether they are in the residence or not. Residential security can be highly visual or as discreet as you instruct and we can be on hand 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Residential Security Team


How Can Residential Security Help You?

Every Residential Security Team job is different, people have different SOPs, different requirements, different staffing levels, different budgets…..it is a massively varied occupation but what might you reasonably be expected to do?


*            perform patrols (internal/external)

*             security surveys

*             driving

*             CCTV monitoring

*             signing in/out of guests

*             accompanying workmen/women whilst on site

*             filling out log books

*               filing reports



The main role of the Residential Security Team is to monitor the outer cordon of the residence or location and also provide flexible inner cordon security. This ensures a secure entry system, visitor awareness and prevents unwanted persons entering the building. Reassurance that your property is secure whether you are in the residence or not, is our main priority.

Our specialists can be on hand every hour of the day to attend to any security related matter.  In or out of residence a good Residential Security Team will go that extra mile for the client.  If the client requires an additional task to be completed by the team then the team will endeavour to assist.  The safety of the client and his family and the security of the property will be our top priority.


 What is the threat

A residence may be subject to vandalism or theft at any time. These attacks may be opportunistic or organized by groups of criminals, racists, terrorists or activists.

Sika SIA provides internal and external residential security as required. We offer both an overt and covert security presence. Residential security personnel can be provided to complement close protection or as a stand-alone service.

Our aim is to ensure your peace of mind at all times.

All personnel engaged on these assignments are highly trained and will be turned out at the highest standard.  

At first instance we will carryout a survey to review your existing security measures and establish the need for any improvements such as electronic security devices, CCTV cameras and access control systems. We will also assess property perimeters as well as building interiors for security weaknesses and provide a detailed assessment of the security risks.

Sika SIA can offer you a service that will meet your short or long term needs.  Contact Sika SIA for a free consultation.