17 August 2014
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17 August 2014,

Protective Surveillance & Private Investigators Glasgow through to Edinburgh

SIKA SIA provides Protective Surveillance as either a stand-alone service or to aid our close protection services.

Imagine the scene. It is the bride’s big day and she is marrying the man of her dreams. In another life the bride had a failed marriage due to domestic violence. The bride’s ex-husband is threating to cause trouble on her big day. The last thing the bride wants is her day to be ruined, therefore, if the bride has peace of mind knowing that the ex-husband is at arms length throughout her day, she would be happy and relaxed knowing that her special day is not going be upset.

What is Protective Surveillance?

Protective Surveillance allows an individual to go about their daily routine and have the peace of mind that they are being protected, it is best suited where the usual close protection services might be seen as invasive or improper.

Protective Surveillance is a way of supplying protection, intelligence and, risk assessment through surveillance.

To aid our protective surveillance services, SIKA SIA deploys tracking equipment, in addition to covert audio and video surveillance.

This specialist protection service can be used when the client requires the monitoring and protection of a third party or a threat, however, in a covert and tactful manner rather than the presence of overt security.

Protective Surveillance is suitable for:

  • High net worth individuals
  • Stalking
  • Children and families
  • Wedding or event gate crashers

We would also recommend Protective Surveillance as part of a larger close protection package, used as an intelligence and risk management tool.

You can be confident when you need to hire a Private Investigator in Glasgow or Edinburgh, or surrounding areas, that SIKA Security and Investigations Agency (SIKA SIA) will meet and exceed the license and qualification requirements of the new regulatory body. SIKA SIA Private Investigators are trained by Argus Europe.


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