24 October 2013
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24 October 2013,

Missing Person


Perhaps one of the most publicised missing person cases is the strange case of Madeleine McCann. People the world over are aware of her story and would recognise her picture, however, she is only one small child and in the UK more than 250,000 people go missing every year. Not every missing person is lucky enough to get this kind of exposure, and that is where we come in.

Here at SIKA SIA, our fully trained personal investigators can help you to find your missing loved one.

Studies show that around two-thirds of people who go missing are below the age of 18

(NPIA, 2011: 16)

Children and young people between the ages of 12 and 17 are the most likely to go missing

(NPIA, 2011: 16)

Overall, roughly equal numbers of males and females go missing. However, in teenagers, there are substantially more cases of females going missing than males; whereas in adults, males go missing more often than females (NPIA, 2011: 17)

Several circumstances have been found to be particularly prevalent amongst missing people. Many had been undergoing employment or financial problems, whilst some experience of homelessness was particularly prevalent amongst young people who went missing (Tarling and Burrows, 2004, Centrepoint, 2001)


All walks of life and levels of privilege are represented within missing person reports, though some groups are more strongly represented than others.


Most cases are time sensitive and our investigators will have the most success the earlier they are alerted to the missing person, but, with the training they receive from SIKA SIA, they will know the best ways to go about looking for your loved one. Our investigator will discuss with you at your free initial consultation exactly what your expectations and requirements are.


Don’t hesitate, give us a call, we are waiting here to help you.