14 October 2013
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14 October 2013,


Internet Relationships

Catfish – defined in the urban dictionary as “someone who pretends to be someone they’re not, using Facebook or other social media to create false identities, particularly to pursue deceptive online romances”


All too many people these days seem to live ‘virtual’ lives, connecting with others mainly by social media, but how truthful are the people we meet on-line? It is easy to embellish a little, but where should we draw the line? How can we protect ourselves from being catfished?

This is where SIKA SIA comes in. Our operatives can investigate for you, using our technical skills and knowhow. We can tell if the subject is in fact where s/he is telling you s/he is. This is often the first untruth to be told as it can give a reason for not meeting with you in person – distance being a problem.

Normally we find when someone lies about one thing, they’ll lie about many. How sure are you that the picture they have posted is not someone else? Our covert cameras can be used in daytime or night-time mode, date and time stamped to provide you with incontrovertible proof as to who you really are starting this relationship with.

Our investigations can give you peace of mind and reassurance that it is safe to take this relationship to the next level. SIKA SIA works in complete confidence, speedily and efficiently. We are completely led by you, how far you wish us to go, how deeply you want us to investigate.

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SIKA SIA has Private Investigators that are highly trained by the best Argus Europe