21 June 2014
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21 June 2014,

What should your plan be if you suspect employee fraud?


On the discovery of a potential employee fraud, you must act immediately. To delay could mean things could get worse and you may loss additional assets and you may give the employee time to destroy crucial evidence.  Here are some steps you should take upon discovering the potential fraud.

1. Assemble your internal action team

You must try to inform as few people as possible. This might include representatives from senior management, HR, accounts and IT, as well as legal counsel.  The team must be independent and objective. You might need external assistance possibly a Private Investigator.

2. Preliminary assessment

Conduct an assessment as soon as possible to identify the extent of the issue, who may be involved and the affected on the business.  Decide if immediate action can be taken to save or recover the firm’s assets.

3. Reporting

Consider whether and when to notify the police or your insurers.

4. Employees

Suspend relevant employees in line with firm’s policies and procedures.  Ensure suspended employees do not have access to the premises, IT systems or the firm’s finances.   Protect and support any whistleblowers or witnesses that might have assisted in affirming the activity in issue.

5. Gain your evidence

Identify and secure relevant documentation and media devices, such as files, CCVT footage, PC and laptops.  Take interviews form any other parties. Involving a Private Investigator maybe useful at this stage.

6. Report findings

Agree how to report findings of the investigation, when and to whom.
7. Dealing with the aftermath

Determine the most appropriate sanction for the employees in question in line with relevant policies and procedures, and devise and implement a remedial plan from the lessons learned.

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