25 October 2013
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25 October 2013,

Covert Surveillance & Observational Skills


Here at SIKA SIA, our investigators have many skills, foremost is their covert surveillance & observation skills.


Try this. Close your eyes. Think about the last person you saw. Try to recall as much information as you can about this person. Open your eyes and write down everything you can remember about them.


Now see if you have covered these basic points


·      What sex is the person?


·     What height is s/he? How did you gauge this, by comparing to yourself or someone you know, some object in the room or have you a ‘good eye’ for that sort of thing?


·      What build has the person? Fat? Thin? Well muscled?


·      What was the face shape? Was there any facial hair?


·      What colour hair has the subject? Is it long, short, straight, curly?


·      What was the ethnicity of the person? Caucasian, African, Indian, Eastern?


·      What clothing was s/he wearing? Were there any logos or brand marks on the clothes?


·      Were there any distinguishing marks? Birth marks, tattoos, scars?


·      Did they wear glasses? Hearing aid? Jewellery?


·      How were they moving? Running, strolling, looking furtive?


·      What about their state of mind? Did s/he seem upset, angry, happy?


·      What other things were in the vicinity? Traffic? Other people, animals?


How well did you do? Probably not as well as you thought you would. Try again but describing the last time you saw your partner/parent/child. Wouldn’t be much better!


Covert Surveillance & Observational Skills

A few examples of when we would use covert surveillance are:

  • *  Observe individual(s) who are suspected of benefit fraud
  • *  Observe a rogue traders
  • *  For illegal fly-tipping investigations which may also require the covert use of CCTV
  • *  Observe individual(s) who are suspected of insurance fraud


Here at SIKA SIA, our investigators are trained on how to hone their observational skills. Most of them would have learned the basic skills in their previous employment with HM Forces, with further on the job training when they came to SIKA SIA.  Our superior skills along with our state of the art ‘tools’ ensure that our professionalism is second to none.  SIKA SIA offers a service of the highest professional standards to all clients based upon the instructions it is given and the work will be carried out with the highest standards of confidentiality.


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