25 June 2014
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25 June 2014,


Do you prepare or just rely on luck! Being Prepared and the 7 P’s.


Do you prepare or just rely on luck!

We spoke about the 7Ps the previous day. Let’s now see how the Private Investigator would prepare himself just in one of the aspects of preparation.

As a PI it is sometimes all about getting the money shot. If The PI fails, it doesn’t just mean the PI missed a good photo. It would mean failing the client. So, PI prepare.

Here are a few tips for Prior Proper Preparation that Prevents Piss Poor Performance…

Check and double check the gear. Are the batteries charged?

Is there spare batteries and are they charged?

Is the date and time stamp formatted?

Is the memory cards formatted?

Is there a memory card in the camera, is there a spare memory card?

Get familiar with the camera and all the setting. Bring the manual.

Is a tripod needed?

Is the flash turned off?

Is there spare lenses are they clean?

Is the remote operating?

Is there a spare camera?

What is the subject, will it be moving, inside or outside, dark, shade and light condition.

Is a convert camera required?

What format does the client want the pictures in?

What needs to be in the frame?

Check the weather forecast for the area. Check first light and last light timing.

The list goes on and on……… The main thing is the PI needs to be prepared!

Sika SIA Private Investigators endeavour to keep up with the most modern technologies, however these pieces of equipment will never replace inquisitive mind of a seasoned Private Investigator.

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